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Styles & Types

We’re all about performance, but we care about looks as well. We make sure all style remains congruent with the look of your house.

Aluminum gutters


Also known as the “OG”. This profile is the most common and best choice for residential applications. Its wide bottom takes in a large flush mount outlet and its curved shape makes it both functional and strong. Available in regular or heavy gauge aluminum or steel.

Lindab Euro Round

The round design condenses the water making it flow much faster than in a flat bottomed gutter. European designed, and manufactured in Sweden, Lindab is simply the best steel half-round gutter system in the world. Available as 5” and 6” systems and in 9 different vibrant colours.

Super 5 inch

A fascia gutter, offering greater depth than the Colonial, while still maintaining the wide bottom and curved shape. Newer model that makes the perfect choice due to the heavy rainfall in our area. Available in regular gauge aluminum or steel.


We pay close attention to small details to ensure the look of your house is pleasing.
We invest a lot of energy in making sure the both gutters and downpipes match and are nice to look at, not just functional.
(25) White sg
(91) wolf white
(10) matchcoat
(85) matchcoat
(68) mocha
(05) sandalwood
(21) wicker
(35) Ivory
(20) Prestige
(75) Matchcoat
(03) pearl gray
(49) charcoal
(77) catus
(14) forest 
(37) chocolate
(12) commercial
(55) rustic
(38) bronze
(25) black lg

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