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When Can You Repair Gutters? When Is It Time for Gutter Replacement?

Every day, month, and year, you gutters are constantly exposed to outside weather and debris that damage them over time. No matter what type of gutters you have installed and the material they are made of, they have an expiration date. While they functioning properly everything will go according to plan, but at some point, they will start showing signs that they are in need of repair or replacement. Damaged gutters can cause an extensive range of issues, dripping water, moisture, mold, and all of this while staying out of sight. Don’t expect your gutters to last forever – here are the signs that might show you they need repairs or replacement.

Mold and mildew

With accumulated moisture down at the foundation of your home, you can expect mildew and mold to start growing on the exterior walls and even in the basement. If you find any of these two or both on areas where there haven’t been any issues in the past and there is no nearby water, chances are that you have damaged gutters.

This is an issue that needs to be prioritized and you should inspect your gutters above the area as soon as possible. Try repairing the issue and cleaning out the mold but if the issue persists, you need to make a replacement as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

In case of cracks

One of the most obvious problems that you can have with gutters are cracks. Needless to say, cracked gutters aren’t going to do their job really well and they need your immediate attention.

You can spot larger cracks during a dry day with ease but with smaller ones you should check if your gutters are leaking during rain. It’s also a good idea to take some binoculars and thoroughly examine your gutters to find the smaller cracks. In case of isolated cracks, no matter how big they are, it is possible to fix your gutters but with extensive cracks that stretch in a line, you need to replace them a soon as possible.

Peeling paint

Damaged gutters can often show no visible signs of their condition but they can show consequences on other parts of your home, in this case, your paint job. The leakage can be very subtle and invisible and while draining down the exterior of your home it can cause excessive moisture. The problem is that most people don’t suspect that the cause of compromised paint is gutter leakage. In case there is a small area of paint peeling off, you need to check the gutters above but if you notice that there is general moisture, as well as paint peeling off from the gutter itself, then you need to consider a replacement.

In the end, make sure that you maintain your gutters properly and clean them thoroughly at least twice during the year, this is how you will ensure that they last for a longer time before they get damaged. For professional services for gutters in Vancouver, contact Complete Gutters today.


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Clogged Gutters are a Hazard gutters and downspout on homeTypically, it’s recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year, in autumn and spring. This is simply because a lot of debris is collected in the eavestroughs and downspouts during these times, and if you don’t take care of it, it could cause major problems down the line, damaging your walls, foundation, and other elements. Let’s take a look at some symptoms that show you that your gutters are suffering from “allergies,” and why you should treat those symptoms as soon as possible. Poorly Maintained Gutters Cause Leaky Roofs The gutters of your home are easily clogged up by various types of debris, branches, leaves, ice, and even small animals. If your gutters are clogged, our lovely Vancouver rain could cause some major problems, as rainwater accumulates inside the gutter and tries to find a place to escape. One of the biggest problems this could cause is leaky roofs. The water seeps through the roof and goes on to damage your walls, plaster, and insulation. The moisture allows mould to develop, which can have negative effects on your health, worsening your allergies and more. Flooding in Your Basement and Around Your Home cleaning gutters filled with leaves and debrisWater always tries to find lower ground to escape to, and if the gutters are blocked, there are two things that could happen. Either the water will overflow from the gutters, flooding your garden, and pooling around your home; or the water will escape to your basement due to a leak. Both of these problems can be avoided by following a spring cleaning check-list, and ensuring that gutters are clean and well-maintained. Pesky Pests Gutters provide a safe shelter for various kinds of animals that spring up around this time of year. It’s not uncommon for birds, rodents, and others to start building nests in your gutters, as the branches and leaves that build up in them provide them with an ideal home. They then move on to introduce insects and various other kinds of pests into your home, and this can be extremely difficult to deal with. Allergy Medicine for Your Gutters The best way to ensure that your gutters are healthy and functional is to invest in their maintenance.