Spring Cleaning for Your Home Exterior, Gutters & Downspouts

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After a long winter, spring is finally back at our doorstep.

This means that it’s time to clean up all the mess the winter has left behind and get your home in great shape for the beautiful weather that is coming. Spring cleaning is something that almost everybody does. Not only does it help you make your home sparkle but it also invokes that sense of a fresh start and positive energy.

1.  Clean Up Your Trashcans

One of the areas of homes that people often forget is garbage or trashcans. Your trashcans are exposed outside during the whole winter. This means that they might have a lot of debris on them and junk surrounding them. Use bleach to remove the stains and disinfect them and hose them down.

2.  Clean the Windows

Take all the screens on your windows off, and use gentle pressure to hose down your windows and wipe them with an appropriate glass solution. You can also wash the windows with a bit of dishwasher solution and water. Make sure that you wash the windows out nicely so that the solution you are using doesn’t create stains.

3.  Get All the Leaves and Debris out of the Gutters

One of the areas of your home that gets most exposed to the winter is your gutters. Make sure to clean your gutters thoroughly to ensure that there is no water or other debris stuck in them. This is how you will prevent rust and damages that might cause a leak, affecting your whole home.

4.  Remove Clutter and Leaves from the Lawn

Your whole yard was abandoned and exposed to the elements (rain, ice, snow, etc.) during winter. At the same time, winter has brought a lot of debris into your yard and you need to clean it all up so that your grass and flowers can grow properly and decorate your yard. Get a leaf gathering tool to clean your yard effectively and quickly.

5.  Get Your Grill Ready

Since the weather is getting better and better, chances are that you are going to be tempted to throw a BBQ party. No matter if your grill has been exposed to the outside weather or stayed in your garage during the winter, you need to make sure it's perfectly clean. Spray it with white vinegar and heat it up a bit, when the residue has loosened, use half of an onion to scrape the grill.

6.  Get Rid of Mildew and Fungus

One of the largest problems winter always leaves behind is stained decks with fungus and mildew. Nobody likes these things, but they cannot be avoided due to the increased humidity during the winter. This problem is usually the most prominent on the deck around the home, so make sure to wash it thoroughly with high-pressure water and use a deck-cleaning product.

Complete Gutters in Vancouver Can Help with Your Gutter Cleaning

These are the 6 essentials you should keep in mind for outdoor spring cleaning. However, make sure to analyze your whole home and clean up everything that needs cleaning. When it comes to gutter cleaning, why not let the pros handle it? Complete Gutters has vast experience in gutter cleaning in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and is committed to performing a thorough job to your complete satisfaction. Give us a call or contact us online today to get your gutter cleaning booked!

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